this stuff that I cannot touch but which define my existence

I awake in the morning with the hope I might look upon your countenance

I dream of the riches I shall have if I believe hard enough

I dream of an ever lasting love

I also dream of writing several best sellers

then life happens, time happens, convention happens, uncertainly, doubt, insecurity,jealousy, disease, money

they all happen, and the dreams crumble to ashes

I dream anew, new dreams fashioned in the image of the old to assuage my conscience

but once again, life chips persistently at my soul’s heart so I resolve

I resolve to keep my dreams in your heart, there I know all is well

you fashioned me after all. made every part of me

you have made, past, present and future

I will keep my dreams where they will not be broken,

Keep my dreams with you as you do my life