time  on your side?

time and loyalty not in the same breath

I am ‘ften told waits for no one

ambles through self, occasionally too busy being time to notice those not favored by ever graceful gracious time

fortune favors the prudent, who’s prudent?

try, but steps falter even for the most confident,

time simply smiles angling for more swift motions, no emotions

‘catch me if you can’, whispers with the wind

fates, destinies, magic, sheer determination, defies their sometimes kind heart

or maybe simply denies our existence

stomping over whoever disagrees

describes dictators, outlives life

paints landscapes with perfect brushes of beauty, the mark of experience

falter time will not

I hear people say ‘where did the time go

my, how time flies

time will catch up with you never you catching up with time

so I will say no more time seems to be running a tight ship