upward spirals inspire

mists convince

feelings obscure

the other day saw you

it was the 11th of the 8th of the 15th

blurs marked the already blurred vision

thoughts of delights merely aggravating

whirlpools of dark extracts from past lives

Jeez the banners, urge me to wake up

I say don’t waste your time

hope at war with despair

somehow the compromise is there somewhere in the fray of frayed marvels

expressions we watch no more, what’s the point

the jumble is welcome

this this thing that manages to stand even when unwanted and somehow like a suitcase you never lose keeps running you into the ground

small, big, the sizes war, but neither is winner, neither is loser

the writing on the wall is disagreeable, not one bit favorable

if you read confusion that is what this is all about