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remember December?

sunset mooning over moon?

lonely leaves parting with tender loins for warmth from chilly dusky skies?

light basking under concealment from prying eyes?

blind visions hounding prime willys?

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November danced too soon too close;

December never stood a chance.

flakes of frozen sky paid tribute to burnished earth,

thresher opened threshold to herald the days back then,

fusing unfated lovers in the gloom that awakened,

back then all that mattered was heatwave fusion with wintry nights.

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of all the things I still remember September,

too much  for sooo little.

played cards tucked in breast bone but still

exposure left only rawness

immune to sunny skies, romantic moons, careless whispers and jazz seductions

my mist, my joy, in rejection, confusion Confucius would admire

December embraced the dark, the savior’s birth unnoticed

Remember me, when December flaps his lover’s brows, jaws snapped tight with malice