rain and fire, I love the combination

Olive Branches

Set-Fire-to-the-Rain-91995I set fire to the rain, watch it burn,

Crawling my way through the pain

Clawing the ground where you walked

I am desperately trying to erase every trace of you, wherever we walked

Every memory, so I pluck at my hair,

Cause as much physical damage, at least for a while the pain will be only be physical

So for a while I won’t think of you

Knees tucked into my chest, I am rocking back and forth

When that is no longer working, I get up, and pace to and fro

Now my floor is cracked, my wall paint gone

I am leaving destruction in my wake

Because silly me, I let me fall for you

See you never gave me a choice

One look into those eyes, and I was lost forever

Now I have burned all your pictures,

But pictures of you remain, when I sleep…

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