Olive Branches


(Sad violin plays) The sound of keys falling is heard

Sad violin plays on

Shadows play on the wall, reflected off the forgotten muted TV screen

The violist plays on, too lost to care, as the first tear falls

The wailing violin an extension of herself

The medley of violist and violin carries on into the night, endless

‘I stare at my reflection in the mirror, why am I doing this to myself?

Seeing is deceiving……………..

There it goes up in the sky, forgotten for no reason why

I can’t cry hard enough’

Light plays across the living room, reflections bouncing off each other

The piano joins the wailing violin

They both meld with a vengeance, dripping with painful eternal promise

Promises of broken beauty and hope

Hello world, have I been dead all this time?

Why do I feel cold as steel?

The cold fingers of dread wrapped around…

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