regrets are just regrets

Olive Branches

imagesStarts with I am sorry I could never love you

Resentment shimmering just beneath the veneer

Your eyes will not meet

One of you is still in love, or trying to convince himself he is

One of you can’t wait to get to her lover

Sparks fly, you cannot stand to be in the same room at he same time

Your little girl is tugging at your elaborate dress, your tailored trousers

Your son is itching to share his latest discovery

You stare through your son, daughter, for you they don’t exist

Just a reminder of your many faults,

A reminder that you are living a lie

Staring daggers at each other,

The air between you too thick, the fabric of your relationship too thin, too frail

On the edge of snapping

The hurt, hate, disappointment, loneliness, and regrets

nag constantly, neither of you recognize the other

Strangers trapped by…

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