Swish, swirl, sway

softly warm, and fuzzy, ev’n a touch hazy, drunk on deep

whoosh!!!!! the wind out of your sails

your knees can’t buckle soon enough

flailing like fish on bank

a toddler will do better

a blind man will see his way even better

and the deaf will know more

more than your wandering soul

neither victim, neither victor

the spoils never there

shading skin is for snakes

shading your soul to another

freedom in tethers

alone only in illusion

mourning when the dance intoxicates, tickles

footprints, scratch marks, sketch limbs

grief never leaving, but markin you  his own

trapped in never endin maze for amazements

mind a tornado of what ifs

but how do you wrestle the unseen, learn the unlearned

and claim victory when you are gasping for life