the tide is forever changin but you remain.

Olive Branches

imagesThe color of the leaves is changing

No longer green, but leaning towards brown

The wind is blowing stronger than a hurricane

But the heat remains sizzling, hotter than ever

Rain falls, but no longer crystal clear

It is a murky mockery to the fresh that it used to be

Time will not stop, the rush of the ocean will still be heard

The stars stand guard over the dark, angry gloomy sky

A momento of stability, hope and all that is beautiful

I am paralyzed by the rush of emotion,

swamped by that one never ending feeling of you

Knowing that time will not change this anticipation

This knowing

That long after the colours have turned gray

the light within your soul shall still light up my own

And together we will be stronger

Long after the seasons have defied and changed all that is dear and farmiliar


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