Road least traveled

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Sometimes moon has to come down to kiss earth


Throwing caution to the winds, taking a chance, risking all


Walking through the fire, and trusting that it will be worth it


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense staying because you are on opposite pages

No understanding, and it hurts to look at each other

But the greater pain is in never seein you  again

Love is patient, Love is kind, Not easily angered


Drowning in a sea of hopelessness, but together can find the way


The art of love has not been decreed, not been written

Nah not really

Everybody has their own love story

And it unfolds whenever you choose to love

Bruises and all

Joys and all

Uncertainties and all

My story has not been told, not yet, neither has yours

Another’s heartbreak will not be mine

What has not been still has a chance to be

painting of women-gouskova- Declaration of Love 89

I trust that it will all be worth it

You’re worth everything, everything