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The end justifies the means

I had no choice

Sentiments often echoed by many

Survival for the fittest

As long as I hurt nobody

Sentiments echoed by many

As long I am the sacrifice

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Scales are rarely truly balanced, even when they seem so

Today is gone as soon as it is here

There are days when it is just you

Behind closed doors

You’re put on a pedestal

Your conscience, your needs, your life

How far ahead do you look

When another seeks to devalue you?

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Name your price:

Does your value fall only in the eyes of the current beholder?

What happens after you leave?

Can you live with yourself?

If you claim the end justifies the means?

What happens if the end means your end?

Name your price, keeping in mind, you have no price tag

And your value is beyond human weighing scales

Name your price

Knowing somebody else in your life, might be the one paying that price

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