I am told I am too fanciful

Building crystal castles in the air

‘Wait till they melt” the voices say

Dreaming is for fools

When the ice starts to melt

When faith ceases to be, the crystals start to fall away

As the castle crumbles, it’s crystallite cuts into flesh

‘Wake up! Wake up! Stop day dreaming!’

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It is not the lights, it certainly isn’t

Not my name in lights

I just want to make my dreams come true

Crystal castles you call them

But this is my life

I am no fool, for thinking differently am I?

Crystal is beautiful

Perspective differs

The past has a way of suffocating the present and destroying the future unseen

Faith is rejected

Substituted with fear and insecurity

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Crystal castles I build

My heart encased in ice

Lest it be broken

Lest it be my downfall

My ears are perked up

I will hear you always

You are an integral part of who I am

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The crystal is melting

The rain is falling

My dreams sometimes break my heart

When thorns graze my heart, and I crush my foot against the stones

But my dream holds true

Faith my eternal friend.