The edges are worn, the seams torn and in need of mending

the thread is sticking out, and begging to be sawed back in

The colour is long faded from too many twists and turns

in the washing basin

War, disease, storms,

She has been tried and tested

But her warmth remains

Thieves, Saints

Men, women,

Natives, foreigners

She embraces them all

Her mountains, hills and valleys mark her borders and litter the expanse defying time and greed

Forever open to us all

Our common plate

Life ends and begins

Seasons come and go

And time again

She remains unchanging

Torn, bruised, abused,

When her blood is spilled,

Arms and heart wide open, new life begins

Doesn’t discriminate

All that live within her

Are secure and sure of their place

She embraces all that happen upon her borders

The heart of Africa, Ugandaimages