A darkness is sweepin across the heart of Africa:

Bolts on my door, electric barbed wire, high metallic gates, guns

it  is impervious to all these

I am a business woman, a politician, a judge, an innocent bystander

I am a native of the heart of Africa

And I am not safe

It takes the shape of a man, or men

Racing by on boda bodas waving guns at me

Or breaking through the roof.

Paid faceless creatures who sometimes drill holes through my walls

Just so they can end my already miserable life

Here in the heart of Africa.


I don’t feel safe

Fear grips me, I don’t know if my children will be next

I walk the streets of my mother land, scared that every shadow might be my ending

So I embrace my machete

I sleep awake, with my machete tucked under my pillow

If they catch me, at least I go down with a fight

Cause them as much hurt as they are so intent on causing me