Soft heavy drum beats

Cut through your reverie

Seep into your consciousness, into your blood

Your skin is tingling with excitement

Soon your heart is beating in tune

Running too fast to keep up

indexThe guitar strums carress you

He strums you to perfection

And the pianist plays you to perfectionindex

He’s got you right where he wants you

Pushing all the right buttons

Eyes closed, you’re drown in a million sensations

Your will ursurped, you give up willingly

Defenses crumbled, an ashy heap on the floor

The drumbeats are louder than your heartbeat

Louder than commonsense, louder than self preservation

Together they tease your heartstrings

You taste the molten melt of your resistance

Acrumpled heap of ashes blown away by the sound of the music

And it won’t stop, just goes on and on

Like Vertigo, your thoughts are just thin misty invisible clouds

You are intoxicated on sensation

A forceful heat oozing through your blood

Red hot

Scarlet threads tangled

Reason just a memory

And the smile playing on your lips is the tast of heaven45eb269e60336711bcdaa43451ad39ce