Steeped deep, entrenched into your skin

Embedded in your skin

Written in your blood

Staring right back at you

Reflected in the mirror of your eyes

Mirror images

Success, victory, excellence

Strength, beauty, vanity

Hate, love, anger, forgiveness

Recklessness, selfcontrol

All timed, all a part of you

Two sides of the coin

Try a little harder to lean towards victory

It’s just beneath the surface,

If you stare at your reflection

You will see strength in your gaze

Determination in your arms, palms, handsimages

That rear-view mirror tells you

You are on your way to where you are meant to be

That cannot be a bad thing I say

Where’s your faith? I ask

I am looking a you

Look at you too

See what I see?

I see someone who has got all they need

To be the best, most exceptional creature

There’s only one you

Look in the mirror, and look beyond the obvious

Obviously, the mirror being your reflection knows something you don’tsunset-side-mirror--large-msg-123836752437

You’re going somewhere, just take that step forward