imagesThe beep goes off in my head

Somehow appearances are too decieving

The pain written on their faces

I ignore, I don’t want to look too close, look too deep.

I might never come out, if I sink too deep

Caring too much  is sometimes destructive

Then I cannot be objective, so I tell myself

Then I cannot separate fanciful delusions from reality

So I barricade the walls a little bit more everyday

If I don’t feel, then no harm done on any side

But all these calculations fall short always

Because there will always be relentlessness, determination

And sheer stubbornness, or stupidity, I say softly

Because most will say if something is worth fighting for, then let it be

So there will be those who will beat at those walls until they crack

And unfortunately there will be that one who will bring them crumbling down

Without even trying, not fair, absolutely not fair