1959636_583050061779262_1348337003_nI cannot tear at my skin

Though it should itch

I will not scratch

It might bleed, it might scar

But I will treasure my skin

It is beautiful, He made me beautiful

He will not approve if I tear at my skin in frustration

His word says I am fashioned in his image

He looks at me and says, there goes my most beautiful

His thoughts, his eyes trail my every move, every expression, every desire, my every response, reaction, emotion

His Angels, they shadow me, I will not be harmed

Because when he looks at me, he says

There goes my everything

He owes me everything, because he chooses to give me all he has, all he is,

He asks, ‘What do you desire, even half my Kingdom, let it be, I will give to you’

Every day, every hour, every second, every moment, he is plotting for every good thing to be mine

Charting the paths ahead of me, so my feet will not be bruised by stones

He says, touch not my beloved, my chosen one

So I will not tear at my beautiful skin,

For His grace is sufficient for me