download (2)Love like this

They always say, ‘All is fair in love and war’

‘A man is gotta do what a man is gotta do’

But this is not painless

You spend your days and nights pining away for her, desperately reaching out

She is waiting on another man

Her rejection turns you on

You love  a good challenge,

So day after day you chase after her

She tells you she will never love you, never desire you

Your ego will not let you lose

You do everything you know how to do, but it doesn’t work

So you bait her with your patience

Like a lion and his prey

You prey on her love for another man, her loss of him, and her deep seated loneliness

With the hope that she will somehow love you as she loves him, if you wait long enough

The frustration runs deep, but somehow you enjoy your misery, because you convince yourself

It is for a good cause, ‘true love waits’

It’s a tug of war, you tug, she tugs, each aiming for a different prize

You bruise each other, you with your relentless pursuit

Turning her into an unfeeling monster, making her feel that she’s less of a person

Just because she doesn’t love you

Who do you think you are

Your disillusionment, pain, anger and frustration

Is a cup you have ordered yourself on the counter

She asks you to walk away,

You say she has to make you because on your own you will not walk away


Why won’t you take responsibility for your own emotions

You expose yourself to hurt, and have the gall to blame it on her

Your disillusionment is your own fault

In this case you cannot win

All the cards are on the table

There’s no love to be found here

No love to be found here, no love to be found here.