Skin deep, it runs:

The strongest magnet

Defies distance, defies reality, defies hearsay, defies convention, defies time, and defies everybody in between

Your thoughts rush through my thoughts

And somehow I know you are thinking of me as I am of you

This magnet embedded in my veins is the air I breath

This magnet is you

Skin deep, visions of you haunt my eyes, your image an everlasting reality

When I am awake, When I sleep, I know you’ll be there waiting in my dreams

The illusion that is you is my most beautiful reality

If I lived on just memories of you, I’d be forever content

The ground where you walked is a comfort because somehow I feel closer walking there

I soak in the memory of your eyes when they looked at me

Of your smile, and the magnet holds me captive

I have no desire to escape

You so incomparable,

I’d rather have memories of you, more beautiful than any reality

I am content, and at home, wherever you are

As long as you’re there, wherever you are, happy, content, I am too

Skin deep.