index‘You’re not good enough’ You don’t have what it takes.’

Look at you, you inspire nothing; not love, not compassion, not even pity

You’re unnoticeable, because even physically you inspire no response

So you are only to be ignored, kicked underfoot and crushed like lice

So you stand around and take all that BS

and you mistake meekness and fear for strength

You let them break you

So you believe everything you’re told, and never take the time to find out for yourself

You figure, they can be your mirror, and you can believe that whoever made you

Solely designed you for abuse, disdain, rejection, failure and loss

Well I don’t understand that

You figure when HE made you and took a step back and said you are beautiful

HE was merely bluffing?

Well look again, and look again,

Gold, Diamonds, Silver, Rubies, all the precious stones you can think of

Have been carved from the rough, from dust, from dirt,

That is why beauty stems from the inside

The outside is only a shell for the true divinity that you are

So why believe all of them, and yet not one of them can make one hair on your head, or on theirs?

On whose authority do they belittle you?

Mistakes and all, if you are still here, then you are still gold, diamond, silver, ruby, emeralds, sapphires, and you are HIS own royalty.

So get up, rise again because you are destined for so much more.