The ground is swept clean, spotless

Not a speck of dust remains,

any remnants only in the heart of the maker of all

No one needs to know you were here

No one needs to know you were here

No one needs to know you bled, that you feared every step might be your last

That you walked through fire, that you bled and gave your life

The best is gone, so no one needs to know

After all, the good is here and it’s convenient enough

The best is unnecessary. Who needs to sweat?

When it is so much easier to take the easy way out

To simply wish the challenges away, alive and happy in a bubble of lies, the claws of deception

Facades, fake smiles, fake marriages, fake love stories, empty promises, shallow weak faoundations

If they are gone tomorrow, then we replace them all, there will always be the needy.

That we should exploit, that desperate need, let’s feed on it, we shall be full, no need to care about consequences

Let’s throw caution to the winds

The best is gone, but the good is here

And it’s convenient enough, so why want the best when the good is already here?