index 1Another way people learn about the family is through the lives and advice of friends. We may have heard others talking about what they would or would not do.

Sitting around with his buddies watching a football game, one guy declared that he cannot do a woman’s work. Another chimed in with agreement. Both men proudly stated how their wives take care of the children while they bring home a paycheck.

Remember what we said earlier: One of the number one problems in our country today is absentee parents—men and women who have checked out of the lives of their children. However, children need both parents to be actively involved as they learn and grow. Yet far too often, dads are taking a backseat, while moms are left to single-highhandedly direct the show.

When this is the case, children receive a mixed message. Instead of feeling secure, they feel insecure and often see their fathers as being weak. God has created men to be the head of the family. Therefore, men have a responsibility to fulfill.

If you are unsure how to handle your situation, ask God to direct your steps. Also, set a goal to live according to His principles. Most importantly, be actively involved in the lives of your children. You will never have another opportunity to say: “I love you,” with your life. Therefore, make the most of the time that God has given you.

When it comes to the ways of the family, God the Father knows exactly what is best.