imagesI am thinkin of him, again.

His face is forever in my eyes.

Opening my eyes, visions of him haunt, they hound me

Whether awake or sleeping, there’s no escape

I order myself to stop thinking

To reject his very existence, but his voice, his eyes, his smile

His all knowing look,

Because he seemed to always know what I was thinking, what I was going to say

They will not let me forget

The heart will heed no caution

It sprang as soon as it sighted it’s mate

And the deed was done, sealed with a kiss

The eyes they met, and mated

A clash of wills, a clash of fate

But it was no to be

In love and war, all is fair there

The wounded soul, the wounded heart

The betrayed life nurses wounds

Wounds that may never heal

A mind that will not forget

A heart that will not heed caution or see reason

Your company brought happiness, joy, completion, exhilaration,

Your eyes held everything the heart needed to know

The doubts were there, but only doubts of your devotion

The heart loved and hoped for love in return

But was slashed, mangled, twisted, and sliced to a million pieces

The heart was betrayed with a kiss

The wounds, they will not heal

There was no yesterday, so there can be no tomorrow

Because the heart will not hope, but the heart, it hopes against hope