tumblr_inline_ngouxd2IQn1rpr1t4Head in the clouds, my heart is bursting with so much

Beautiful emotions all around, sparks fly

My eyes, they are shooting stars

My cheeks blooming with love, promises,

I bury my head in a mixture of roses, daisies, lilacs, jasmine,

And the heavenly scent brings me to my knees.

I just can’t keep still, if I had wings

Would fly to you right now

There’s so much to share after all

It’s a sea of people, they come and they go, but

I don’t notice, my heart, my mind, my soul, and my body

Tethered to you, your memory, all you are just calls out to me

The pain  is worth it, so I say to myself

And if it is Valentines and you’re not here

I will remain Cinderella, your Cinderella

And I will dress up, and I will dance, and I will be happy

If you don’t notice, if you don’t miss me, it’s your loss

I won’t let my heart be broken,

I know something you don’t

We are made for each other

However far you go, you will return

Your place is here with me,

So I will save all the places where I am for you

I will save the first and last dance for you

And for you I will take my last flight out.

So I am Cinderella, and this is a dream

But it is my dream.

You’re the missing shoe,

The missing piece to the puzzleimages