imagesIt rips, and it bleeds

My mind is turned inside out, the blood dripping in my outstretched palm

The eyes, they see nothing

Rendered powerless and blind, I stare unseeing

In my mind and in my ears,the song goes on, ‘I love you oh yes I do’

‘You were on my mind as I died, you’re chosen as mine’

In my mind I imagine his face as he says those words to me

‘Know my voice, I will never leave you, I have loved you since before the sands of time were made

I love you still’

My heart will not listen, it will not see, the pain all consuming, the tears meld with  the blood oozing from my chest

I fall down on my knees, and stare at the empty sky

The song in my heart goes on

‘Cries in the desert my child I hear them’

I scream loud as I can, try to exorcise the pain

It remains, and the bleeding goes on

I stare at my empty hands dripping with my own blood

The dagger in my right hand

I want to believe, but everything, everywhere hurts too much

My world is falling, crumbling all around me on every side

The falling debris means nothing

Fate mocks me, courage eludes me,

The sun hurts my eyes, but it won’t stop

The warmth envelopes me, and life goes on around me

Inside everything is driving to a halt

My head is spinning, I see the shadows that terrify me, and I don’t care anymore

Let them get me this time, perhaps it is time

But He won’t let me go

And this time when he whispers` I love you still, always will, you’re chosen as mine’

I open my eyes and stare deep into the brilliance of his light, and give Him everything