Two rules

If you’re wounded, make sure to survive,  you’ve got yourself to count on

If you’re hale and whole

Save as many as you can.

You just might be what I need today

I just might be what you need tomorrow


If I am too weak to walk, if I haven’t a penny to spend today

Doesn’t mean it’s the end of me

Today is cloudy, dark and stormy for me

But tomorrow just might be summer

Come on lend a hand

Don’t just walk away from me

A heart needs a beat to keep beating to

I don’t know much about a battlefield  involving bullets

But life itself is a battle field

And Sometimes pain is a reminder that life is too beautiful to be taken for granted

And there are lessons to learn, rules of survival

rules for continuity

As much as we fight to defend, to posses, to amass as much wealth

As much as we fight for freedom

Let’s fight as much to cherish humanity

Losing oneself, makes you your worst enemy

Simple pleasures, simple pleasures

Simple pleasures forgotten

Take a trek down memory lane

Remind yourself where the journey began

It just might be what you need

It’s so easy to get lost in the problems, heartaches, the hate, revenge, bitterness

There’s no survival in that, just more wounds

Let’s be desperate instead, let’s be desperate for the things that matter

Let’s be greedy for love, for hope, for beauty, for generosity

Let’s be too greedy and desperate to protect those we love

But let’s not be blind. There’s a thin line

Between Love and hate,

for sometimes to defend one, you destroy another

I am puzzled, and the answers I seek elude me

But one thing I know, perfection is an illusion

So I am not God.

That said, I will take one step at a time,

Put one foot in front of the other

Fear of course, fear of failure dogs my every step

But thank God I am not God, he can take care of the rest

I will just grab and hold desperately onto God

And try to be the best I can for the rest of my life, and hope that  that will be enough


He is the wind in my sails