ForgivenessWe forgive, and we forget

Life is too short to do otherwise

Hate too big a burden to bear

Happiness an elusive morsel

So in the end

Let’s not deny happiness it’s oxygen

Forgiveness being everything

Run towards forgiveness

Forget, fall in love all over again

You once moved heaven and earth to hold and cherish

So why discard so easily?

Why live in denial?

Why break both your hearts over and over again?

Pride, ego?

Humanity by nature is to err, being too frail

In the end, better to save than to condemn

Forgiveness is the answer

Give yourself a chance, give him, her them a chance

In the end hope, love, generosity, forgiveness, joy

Those are the things everybody is rushing to have

Don’t let it slip away

In the end, after everything, always after all, love is all that matters

(sigh) Love is all that matters always after all.