Kid with cup

I dream, I dream, I dream, I dream

I wish, I wish, I wish, and I long

For so much so seemingly unattainable

Some laugh, some pat me on the back and tell me, dream on

Some move heaven and earth to see me fall, fail, and give up,

While some will leave no stone unturned to see me succeed

I long, I pray, and I toil

My destination uncertain, my resolve on wobbly feet

My heart in my mouth, my strength an uncertainty

Desperation propels me forward

For the indignity of failure cannot be allowed

So I will not fail

If you think what I seek is an illusion

If you’re to busy to lend a hand

Or if you hate to see another succeed

It hardly matters, because at the end of it all

What you want, what you wish, what you think is merely an illusion

I determine my reality

So hello world.

Let’s raise our glass to illusions

For illusions bear the beginnings of reality

They are the markings of great women, great men

So here’s  to keeping the illusions alive

For I, you will not fail