Find this quite heartwrenching

Olive Branches

Beyond redemption

Anitah Muwanguzi

It’s a mixture of emotions
From far away, the noise of battle
When your eyes meet across round tables
With no minced words
All that is mirrored is anger, rage
Desire to control, to amass wealth,
But at whose expense?

‘It’s all for development, the greater good’
You chorus in agreement, but whose good?
The heart, a hidden weapon
And just like serpents you wield your charm
To take from them, the mothers, fathers, children.
For the little they get,
You drive them like slaves, and they are left with nothing to eat
Their hard work yields even more pain, more suffering
Behind closed doors in your board rooms,
You draft plans to take away their homes,
After all, the end justifies the means
Love and compassion, are a sworn enemy
‘Why should we show mercy? That is a sign of incompetence,

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