Echoes, just echoes;

I yell so loud, but my voice is so faint, Silence responds:

The shadows are long and dark , but they are just shadows: nothing is real.

All around me, visions elusive, I am haunted by illusions.

I turn every time, like one gone mad.

The illusions are many, the lies I tell myself too blinding.

There are voices in my head, but only one makes any sense

Only one voice remains true, only one remains dear and familiar.

But that too is only an illusion, a figment of my imagination.

We haven’t met, but you live inside,  when I sleep, and when I am awake.

Can’t escape the illusion of you. This illusion of you is the closest I have come to reality,

But the silence echoes, and when I look around me, the mist keeps changing shapes, and I jump and run every time.

The dark is fast approaching, With it more illusions, with it more insecurities

With it more lies And the echoes of endless silence ,

The shadows never ending.