Balance those binoculars well

What do you see, let me gues

A dirty coastline, children making plenty of noise, dirt everywhere, muddy huts in a large circle, women washing clothes together in a stream? Men sited around arguing?

Wipe the lenses, look again

What do you see, is there any prodding at the back of your mind?

Do you feel an itch in your sub conscience, is it disgust, or does the sight you behold tug at your heartstrings?

I will tell you what I mean


The old is gold they say

What we have lost we can rarely get back

Today if you stop in any busy city center, you will see busy people moving like bees

At the slightest interruption, you get the sting

No one has time for anybody any more

All you hear and feel in the movements and see in their expressions is

Let’s go make some more money

Breathing is too costly

The gentle caress of the wind, and the touch of sun a forgotten luxury

If someone says hello, you wish them to hell

They are an unnecessary burden

Asking for help, you’re busy thinking well

I didn’t get here by begging,

Get away from me satan

So vintage or merely frayed thin?

I envy those who will notice the beauty in the ashes

Those that take time to smile at strangers,

Those that take time to lift their face to the sky

And praise God for his unending love

Those that take time to live life fully

Including all those around them as a blessing

Balance those lenses whether natural or artificial and look again

Tell me what do you see?