Visions similar, shadows so long,

Thoughts interlinked, each an extension of the other

Thoughts an abyss of dark swirls of color

You stand apart desperate to belong

Hand shading your face for clarity

Somehow there’s no black and white anymore

Where to stand, is a question you cannot answer easily

Decisions come easier if taken out of your hands

So you stand in a room full of so many people

But it’s as if you can read all minds

So you stop and stare, confusion etched in your every feature

If I touched you now, you’d probably snap to pieces

So you want to take the easy way out, follow wherever the road leads

What if tragedy strikes, who you’re gonna blame?

Will you not spend the rest of your life wondering if you would have

Somehow someway maybe steered your destiny to another direction

So decide, it’s okay to make mistakes.

At least then you know you did something

At least then you know you gave your best

A dark cloud is bound to fall any day, confusion is bound to hound you like a bad nightmare

But hey take a stand sometime,  don’t let all decisions be taken out of your hands

It’s your life after all.Grey_Mountains_by_22