Standing craning my neck like I lost something

You wonder what has come over me

You have come over me

You see now I cannot help myself

You have come over me

So why won’t you see me

Every dawn brings with it longing for you

Anticipation even, just to see you smile

Just to see how your eyes just light up the room

Making the world fade away

I see you walk into the room

And everybody else ceases to exist

The other day I saw your car drive up and ran through the rain

Just to get a glimpse of you

When I reached you, I pretended to not have seen you

Hoping you would call out to me

I am hopin you will call

But you will not call

So I call you and somehow for a moment, I feel we are one

Soon as I hang up the phone. the emptiness returns

So why won’t you see me

They have always been falling over themselves for me

But you won’t even give me so much as a call

The rest don’t matter, only you make my pulse rate, render my tongue immobile

Only you make me want to be all that is perfection for you,

So why won’t you see me?images