Exposed Emotions

Touch me not,
Don’t even see me from the distance,
You’re the one,
Who corrupts me with his innocence,

You touch as if I am yours,
It ignites sensation in the corpse,
I am dead,
Yeah, I’m dead for you,
Don’t you dare,
Doing that again,

Say nothing,
Don’t even let me reach your feelings,
You’re are the one,
Who saturates me with his musings?

You say as if I am yours,
It resides within, inside my thoughts,
I am deaf,
Yeah, I’m deaf for you,
Don’t you dare,
Saying anything again,

You make me fool,
You make me crazy,
I am not yours,
And will never be,

Why don’t you understand?
We are just friends,
Friends don’t supposed to,
Do the things you make me do,

Make a distance,
Don’t make me weak,
It’ll be hard to sustain,
But I’ll try not to be a freak,

Go afar,

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