‘This one starts in a dream. She is running so fast as though pursued by the devil incarnate. Hair flailing wildly behind her, her face marked by terror and desperation, she won’t stop for any reason in the world. Suddenly she stops, as though she has seen a ghost. She tries to move a step forward, but she’s rooted to the ground. Looking around her wildly, she sees his reflection mirrored off every wall, closing her eyes, his image is clear as day. There’s no other face, for she can see him in every face. He stands there, and she’s overwhelmed and enveloped by his presence. His scent is all around and right now she’s torn between liking and hating his inescapable presence.

Such doubt assails her, the past flashes before her, the future as uncertain as it gets; she closes her eyes, wishing him away with all her might, because he is a complication she cannot afford, but he stands there, confident, self assured, staring at her as the embodiment of all he desires in a woman. She turns her head away, now moved to tears because part of her desperately wants to run away, but part of her wants to stay and somehow unravel the mystery that surrounds him.

She stands routed as the world swims before her, and with eyes closed she hears him whisper, ‘dance with me.’ It is not a request, it is more of a gentle command. She opens her eyes, stares at his outstretched arm, the war in her heart evident on her facial features, she asks softly, ‘What if I agree to dance with you, what then?’ He smiles and takes a step closer, his intent pretty obvious, he will not leave anything to chance, he will not take no for an answer.

So the dance begins, the future uncertain, but each is willing to give the dance a chance, stepping on each other’s toes along the way, falling and bruising, pretending they don’t care, ignoring each other’s calls, not calling, the jealousy fights, but above all, finally getting it right, and being able to move in a symphony of beautiful, curves and turns, flips, and flops, till the fireworks is stronger and brighter than the stars above, the radiance reflected in their eyes something to die for, till they finally get it right. So the dance is a novel about dance choreography depicting the embodiment of the politics of love.0