whirlwindThe sun sets in the sky, and it’s time to tuck in that long whether awesome or awful day. But being me, I hang onto the day, wishing the day would just pause for a while, wishing the hours would just stop, because you see I don’t want tomorrow to come, because I don’t know what it will bring or if I will be able to handle it.  And maybe I just do not want to face tomorrow. Know the saying better the devil you know, than the Angel you don’t know. So for a moment I want to be a coward and simply shack any responsibilities to myself and any one or any thing involved.

So I sit on the floor, and get inside my head, looking for a way to make the night longer, by staying up late, but it doesn’t work out and as the clock strikes midnight, I am already dozing, so I tuck myself in for the night, surrendering to the inevitable, and when the morning finally rolls around, I wake up head crammed with what lies ahead, and as much as I am dreading it, I boil my water, as I make my bed, prepare my cup of tea, apply the lotions, and do my make up, as I take the tea, dress up, say my prayers, and there I am ou the door, at 750am braced for whatever lies on the other side. There’s no going back after that, just forward. So as much as I tell myself it’s optional, You see it’s not, even when I choose to ignore life, it goes on, just keeps going on and on, for better or for worse.