SadQuote14The smell of loneliness hits you and fills your nostrils, till you can no longer breath.

you choke on you own memories, because what once filled you with so much joy and contentment, is now your worst nightmare, an ulcer with no immediate cure. At the thought of that smile, you feel the dagger take a clean swipe at your insides, drawing blood, you are bleeding, and it just won’t stop.

Your dreams, they are all of the one person you wish you could forget. When you close your eyes, you can smell his breath, and for a moment you are fooled into thinking he is nigh, but it’s only an illusion. Any regrets, none because he’s one of those truly incredible people you cannot hate, you cannot forget, so you accept it and just like a breath of fresh air, you breath in everything he has meant to you for so long, and you keep him deep in your heart, where nothing can take him out, and purpose to love him always, even if somehow, he may never understand you, even when you know he’s probably not meant for you.

The language of the heart is a mystery, it refuses to see reason, refuses to acknowledge that there’s a time to love and a time to forget