courage dwindles, it threatens to desert me

my mind a battlefield, I am lost

thought I knew who I am,

but now doubts assail me.

it’s all foggy, I am under attack

I grope about in the darknesss

looking for answers

craving reassurance

somehow even peace eludes me


I awake, assured of my next step

of who I have and want to be

but the day has it’s own agenda set

society, people, friends, strangers, each is reaching out

tugging at my conscience, my mind, seeking to dominate, to control

my thoughts, I would rather not think,

that is chaos itself I can’t even begin to describe.


my imagination, that is out of control

will I make it?

I don’t know. Does it matter?

no it doesn’t, as long as I keep moving.

the uncertainties do not matter

I have to stay in motion


But as things stand, I am more scared now than I have ever been

I thrive on having my way, being in control of my life, my decisions

And now, I don’t know.

I am so lost inside, I pray desperately, that the maker will find me

Find me before I am no more.


Evil, once an illusion is becoming so real, no longer in the shadows

But now battling light for all it’s worth

So here we stand, at the crossroads, looking up, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting………………………….Image