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She's A Maineiac


Snowflakes drifted down in slow spirals, landing on my cheeks like bits of delicate lace. I peered through the window and saw him standing inside the foyer waiting for me. A bolt of excitement flashed down my spine, sending tingles to the darkened corners of my heart. Despite the cold, the heat emanating between us was radiant, a blistering flame threatening to engulf us both with its power, leaving nothing but dying embers in its wake.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he had whispered to me on the phone earlier that day.

“Oh, really?” I purred.

“You’re gonna love it,” he promised in that silky voice that drove me mad. “I can’t wait for you to get home.”

And now after eight agonizing hours at work, I was home.

He threw open the front door with such force, a gasp escaped my lips. I ran to him, the space between us…

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