There’s a stillness about me

That leaves me confused and breathless

The cries of all those bereaved of the light

Mourning in agony, endearing with their howls

Longing for a touch of warmth

Of course, it is night.


My heart is bleeding

It’s beating so fast, as though I just ran a marathon

A spark goes off, and I am set ablaze,

Conquered by all, torn to shreds

By a mixture of emotions all too familiar

Of course it is night.


I travel far and wide, defying gravity

Flying into the unknown

The painful memories I reencounter overwhelm me

I struggle to escape, because I desire to forget

I sigh and wish; wishing for only God knows what.


Oh yeah I remember. A perfect world

Perfect in every sense of the word

Only bliss, serenity, happiness, passion, no sorrow

No aggravations whatsoever

Pure heaven, a perfect paradise

No deceit, no corruption of any kind

No death, no confusion

Completion, but where, my eyes dart back and forth

Can I truly find that anywhere?


Only in my imagination, only in my subconscious, oblivious to all

Do I find solace, in the stillness of all.

As the waters cover the sea

As the fresh waters fall

And the sun casts its glow

Its golden haze over the horizons

It’s a brand new day, and I sigh in contentment

At such unblemished beauty, and perfect innocence

In the stillness,

But only in my imagination.

                          anitah muwanguzi