He longs for a father, he longs for a brother

one who will love him with no reservations, no expectations,

on who will accept him with no conditions and outrageous obligations

She longs for a sister, a mother one who will love and cherish her

no judgements, accepting her, faults and all

the emptiness has become as all-consuming as a cancer, as an ulcer

women, are complicated, men are such jerks

so who can understand a man,

who understands women ?

they ask, they wonder, and they seek solutions

to hell with the maker, so they seem to say

turn their backs on the original plan

after all change is a fact of life.

woman seeks solace with woman

man seeks solace with man

let’s get married, let’s raise a family

man and man, both mother and father

to surrogate children of their making

who wants complicated?

let’s make life simpler, easier.

I am only trying to understand you,

don’t get me wrong.

you wonder if this is one way of depopulating the already over populated earth.

You defy all odds just to prove a point.

Misguided or not, wrong or right

You have a conscience, so let it guide you

In claiming to make life easier, you complicate it further

you seek to confuse a child, so new to the ways of life.

We ignore the obvious, after all we’ve got technology.

Artificial insemination, the key

Nothing is impossible

so man to man

woman to woman, you determine to raise a family

giving them the best values  you can.

after all after all, we are all human, only human.

crystal scarletgay