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She wobbles across the field, tears rushing down her face.

 In tattered clothes, with matted coils of hair unkempt, a shadow of its former glory,

Face smeared with dirt, a dagger sticking out of her chest

Feet and hands in chains, her face stuffed in the clouds, as with a last attempt to stay on her feet, her strength draining little by little

 A skeleton of flesh long gobbled away by anger, hunger, and disease,

She’s been raped, and plundered.


But still he cuts so deep,

In a ceaseless assault, consolidating all he can,

Sinking his claws deeper,

Into the heart of Africa, Uganda;

Her children are robbed of a deserving future, for there’s nothing left to hope for.

Behind closed doors, she’s a pawn in their game,

As they squabble over what’s left of her

Silently, she watches unable to do anything, as her land is given to the highest bidder


Where once fields of lush green, now an endless desert

Smiles once graced her beautiful countenance, now a gloom hangs over her

With no future to speak of, obliterated by greed, and selfish intent

She gropes in the dark, searching for a way,

But she’s hemmed in, with an infinite debt burden,

Looted of every little thing, tomorrow seems suspended in the past

Peace a forgotten luxury, Uganda the heart of Africa

Uganda the pearl of Africa