He rushes into the clinic, his woman bleeding and desperate

the white coat stares past the bleeding woman and in a most intimidating voice asks

‘Do you have the money?’

the frantic man searches his pockets for any money so he can save the mother of his children

“Oh God no I left the money on the table top in a hurry to bring her to hospital”

His eyes blazing with anger, he orders the man to leave his hospital with the bleeding woman

the man tries to plead desperately with the physician to at least offer first aid, and he shrugs his shoulders, walking away.

As he reaches for his woman to try and implore other physicians in the health center, he realizes, his woman is as still as stone, and he collapsed on the floor, crying bitterly

Meanwhile, the doctors look on in distaste, unaffected by his pain, and counting the past dead

only one thing on their minds, who offers more

Walking on the street, looking for transport to take the body home,

he is struck by the homeless, the children with their ribs sticking out,

yawning as loud as possible

Momentarily he wonders if his family might be joining them soon

For just days ago he received a notice to leave his kibanja

The land has been sold to developers

Man that he is, is so overwhelmed by sorrow and frustration he accidentally walks into a moving bus

The children at home wait for their parents to return,

Days turn to nights, with no sign of them,

Until helpless they are thrown out of their home

And in that moment their fate sealed

The girl turns to prostitution to save her siblings from hunger

HIV/AIDS claims her too

And she is only one of many in Uganda.

The beast insatiable, corruption takes them all

The abyss of suffering never ending.

         anitah muwanguziimages