The screams of the clash between rain and iron sheets, could be heard thousands of miles away, the wind howling furiously and taking with it everything in its wake.

They trudged on, determined to set things to rights.

If the girl had chosen to disgrace them all, then it was time to uproot her like the evil she was, and be rid of her. Shivering from the cold, and wrapping their bitenges tightly around themselves, they pushed on, determined, and unshakable in their resolve, the storm being no major impediment.

Nabuuma sat unmoving, her face a mask, a young girl of 15, dark complexion, dark luminous eyes and of slight build. Today she was dressed in black, as though in mourning, her beauty as unmistakable, as her pain, contemplating what lay ahead, as the claws of dread and fear wrapped themselves around her heart, drawing blood, and she closed her eyes, praying for strength as the door was flung open, and she was thrust in the roaring rain.

The deliberations over, they had decided she be excommunicated, without a hearing, without the benefit of the doubt. She slowly picked herself up, looking from her mother, who couldn’t meet her eyes, her father, his expression stony and marked with disappointment and disgust, and her brothers and sisters who couldn’t meet her eyes either. As she started to walk away ,Nabuuma looked up, only for her eyes to lock with her tormentor’s, her uncle and also her father’s closest brother, the man responsible for her plight, who had come to witness her send off, staring at her with a satisfied gleam, already awaiting another chance to take advantage, now that she had no family, no protection, and utterly defenseless.

His excitement was mirrored in his every move. Dragging her eyes away, she glanced once more at her family, taking her time to look at each of them, imploring with her eyes, appealing to them to reconsider, but seeing no response, she walked away, the rain beating down her slight form and before long, her family was only a blur in the distance.

The villagers were chanting Malaya, Malaya, and stomping their feet in frustration, as she passed house after house, hoping to get a roof over her head, but she was turned away by each one of them. Suddenly, the tears that she had fought for so long, started to fall, coming so fast, her heart losing all it’s strength and resolve.

‘God let me die right now, please’  she begged, falling on her knees, at a road intersection uncaring in that moment, giving herself up to fate.giant-flying-snail-shell-fantasy-artwork-2560x1600