the sea, black as night
sweeps accross her borders,
devouring homes, lives, and livelihoods in his wake
crushing all hope
lips moving, arms raised, with tears rolling down their cheeks,
they remain invisible, unheard,
for the roar of the sea is so loud, their pleas for mercy cannot be heard.

he opens his mouth, fangs bared, blood dripping
ready for his next adventure
his victims cower in fear
and just like dogs with their tails hanging between their legs
they turn away, defeated.
A little girl, a skeleton
a shadow of her former glorious self whimpers
‘ Mama enjala ennuma.’
She stares unseeing, with tears in her eyes, for the answers she cannot give.

Insatiable, he devours all he desires
schools, gardens, relics of historical value
taking and taking, taking and selling
while they sink into oblivion, unwantedc
a repulsive sight
while he has his fill.

it’s the middle of the day,
and they trudge on, their entire life on their backs
hoping to find relief, the sky so dark
the sun consumed by the sea of darkness
and just when they think their next abode is in sight
he launches his next strike, as they look on, helpless to do anything.