William Golding in his novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ argues that people are fundamentally savage, drawn toward pleasure and violence.

He believes that because of the fundamental potential in every person to commit evil acts there will always be criminals and wrong doers in society no matter how well intentioned a society’s ideologies. Therefore a society without laws and law enforcement will inevitably fail.

Uganda has 18 laws, all towards the protection of children against sexual violence.

Questions are asked everyday by people frauthentic meom all walks of life.

‘What drives a man to defile his own child,’ one wonders. William Golding yet again sums it up perfectly. ‘Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.’

The kind of culture Uganda has cultivated, feeds the barbaric basic passions of the man. Having a paternal society does not help things any.

Humans are naturally selfish, but having a sense of morality helps, giving on a sense of responsibility. what happens when responsibility turns to blind obsession?

However, with the fabric of responsibility and morality getting weaker by the day, one is left on the brink of tears, for the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

Nonetheless, while civilization was expected to tame man’s more basic desires, empowering him with loads of self control, it has also turned him selfish, individualistic, and self seeking. This road knows one friend, destruction.

So whenever you try to peek and take a deeper look, whenever you start peeling back the layers, the sight you behold, is nauseating. If you stop hiding under the shades of grey and really look at things as they are, black or white and nothing in between, terror will hold you captive, because the essence of humanity is very scary.

While the woman that you are will blame the man for taking his self love a little too far, you’re weaknesses as a mother, wife, sister, and neighbor have left him vulnerable and the beast in him untamed, his hormones all a rage, like an animal on the loose, sex hungry.

On the receiving end, is your little girl, little boy, moving to puberty, or newly born, exposed to that pure male animal desire and brutality uncontrollable.

Rosette called her mama and asked, her voice breaking, ‘Ma-ma, is- is this my biological father, is he re-ally?’

Her mother obviously amused and puzzled, smiled and asked, “Why my child, of course he is.”

“No mama, he cannot be, it’s just not possible. My own father cannot do this to me.” she said, now crying openly, and failing to go on with the conversation.